Un single fin con las curvas ideales!

Tyler Warren diseñó este quillón para controlar y complementar pivot, proyección y los giros.

De base amplia, rake (o sweep) moderado y con una punta sutil, este quillón te brindará soltura y control si eres de caminar hacia el nose del longboard. Una excelente alternativa para los que buscan carving y noseriding.


We like to say that this fin has got curves in all the right places… kind of like a magic board. Tyler set out with the intention of harnessing pivot, drive and turning ability while longboarding. Once he had captured all three he turned it into this Pivot template.

Due to the rake and a bit of relief towards the tip this fin can be loose when you need it, but will always be solid when on the nose. A template that has settled nicely into the present day approach and style of longboarding, this is a fin the will facilitate both carving and tip-time.