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We work with brands with which we share principles, ideals and passion for surfing. Each of these companies has been present in the industry for decades, providing development and added value. They all belong to families and surfers with whom we have created long-term relationships. If you are interested in knowing more or review the catalog of models and prices, write to or call us at +56 9 7960 9978. 

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Burford Blanks has been present in the industry since 1967. They supplied blanks to factories such as JS Industries, Pukas (Basque Country), Euroglass (France), McTavish and brands such as CI, Pyzel and Lost .
The brand of accessories Freelife was founded in 1995 in Argentina. It has more than 20 years in the industry with a large regional presence (Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay). Technical and functional accessories of international quality, designed by surfers.
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